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China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump

China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump, now start working in Guangzhou Petrochemical Huade company, nanzhaobian oil depot

World's pump technical development and trender

Like other industry, the pump technical development is pushing by the market requirement.



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Nowadays, more and more engineers job starting construction, with the our economy continuously development, and the fire-fighting system, is always considered as the most important part , whether industry projects or civil project.

As the key part of the fire-fighting system, fire-fighting pump’s stable performance will determine it can works in the most emergency situation, to protect the life and property.

FM and UL have made some detail requirements for pump performance, the most important items is that pump should be able running at 150% of rated capacity with a head not less than 65% of rated head, this means flat curves in the fire-fighting pump. There is always various conditions which can not have a minute delay in case of fire, in this regards, fire-fighting pump should be start immediately , and when the capacity rise high even exceed the fire-fighting pump normal working condition, the request performance should be reached according to adjustment

And also the stability is also very important for fire-fighting pump system, which means the pump main parts should have enough strength to bear the extremely torque when pump start with open valve, and because the pump will stop for long time without running, the relevant material should meet the corrosive requirements according to fire-fighting standard NFPA 20 and the liquid. Also proper power margin should be considered on the driver , because the fire-fighting pump will need running at a very large working area.