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China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump

China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump, now start working in Guangzhou Petrochemical Huade company, nanzhaobian oil depot

World's pump technical development and trender

Like other industry, the pump technical development is pushing by the market requirement.



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Sea Water Desalination

Sea water desalination is a technology to get fresh water from sea water by using physics, chemistry or physics-chemistry method, now the most popular sea water desalination are Reverse osmosis(SWRO) and electro dialysis (ED).

As the development on the SWRO technology, nowadays, the SWRO method have been widely popularized because of low cost, low energy loss and low prices fresh water.

The power overcome the osmosis are in the SWRO method are provided by the high pressure pump, which is the most important part in the system, For the cost of fresh water generated by SWRO system, the investment takes about 25% and the electrical cost takes about 52% , this two parts takes about 77% of the total amount ,and the main cost in the electrical cost is the high pressure power loss, in this regards, high pressure pump efficiency is the most import issue effect the fresh water cost.

Considering safety system and economic running, in the sea water desalination industry, Horizontal split casing multistage pumps are the best choice for the high pressure pump, and normally duplex stainless steel or super duplex stainless steel will be select because of economic consideration and sea water corrosion.