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China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump

China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump, now start working in Guangzhou Petrochemical Huade company, nanzhaobian oil depot

World's pump technical development and trender

Like other industry, the pump technical development is pushing by the market requirement.



Moscow - Russia


Bangkok - Thailand


Houston - USA


1 - After-sale services

TANE OCEAN product quality guarantee time is 18 months after product arrived site or 12 months after running, whatever occurs first. If customer need extend the quality guarantee time to 24 month or 36 month, customer need claim this requirement during inquiry stage, which will be considered in the commercial prices.

Pump set outsourcing part quality guarantee time will follow the suppliers policy, TANE OCEAN will coordinate with the outsourcing supplier provide the after-sale services during the quality guarantee time, after-sale services beyond quality guarantee time shall follow the outsourcing company policy.

After-sales beyond quality guarantee time shall be negotiated during contract signing, and the maintenance spare parts prices will follow the spare parts purchase contract.

Please contact TANE OCEAN after-sales department for the detail after sales commitment and policy.

2 - Performance Test

Tane Ocean have national class 1 performance test platform, which is capable for all performance test lower than 4000KW, the test fee and detail items shall according to “Delegate test procedure” and “Delegate test contract”.

3 - Installation & debugging guide

TANE OCEAN’s product price have included 1 person 1 day installation and debugging guide fee in China mainland, if clients need more than this, then it should be claimed during contract signing and included in the total prices, the accommodation of TANE OCEAN engineers during this period is in charge of clients.

4 - Staff Training

Optional operational staff training can be held before product delivery, in TANE OCEAN’s workshop and meeting room, also our engineers can sent to client site for training, the site training fee and detail policy shall follow the signed “Guide and training items”.