China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump

China first China-made multi-work condition oil pump, now start working in Guangzhou Petrochemical Huade company, nanzhaobian oil depot

World's pump technical development and trender

Like other industry, the pump technical development is pushing by the market requirement.

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Vertical Barrel Pump(VS6)



TTVC series vertical barrel pump is multistage, radically split and with outer casing. First stage impeller is generally suction impeller, the axially forces is balanced by thrust ball bearing. Balancing drum structure can be optional choices when the differential pressure is large. The outer casing only bearing the suction pressure, the length of outer casing and the pump installation depth is depends on NPSHr performance requests. If the pump is installed on the tank or pipeline, the outer casing is not necessary(TVC type) Thin oil lubricated, and with independent internal recycle automatic lubrication system. Hydraulic dynamic bearing is in the suction end of the pump. Suction and discharge is above the installation flange.


Executive Standard

According to API610 standard


Application Scope

Suitable for various liquids include clean or dirty, low temperature or high temperature, neutral or corrosive. Low temperature engineering , Power plant Pipeline pressure increasing , Petrochemical Offshore oilfields , LPG engineering , Refinery


Diameter: DN 40~200 mm  
Capacities: Q ~800 m³/h (~3522 gpm)
Heads: H ~800m (~2625 feet)
Temperatures: T -180~+180℃  
Design Pressure: P ~10MPa  


Spectrum Diagram